Best Clash Royale Decks, Win Strategies and Stats Update

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I have been playing this game for a few months now and have found myself unable to climb from Mid-Crown or low Crown as you would say. We tried all sorts of decks with all sorts of strategies. I managed to reach Rank 9 when the Golem was still in the game and Top 12 with Hog Cycle when it wasn’t, but neither has been playing my favorite cards so eventually decided to create my own. Here are some of the Best Clash Royale Decks.

Best Clash Royale Decks Details: –

I’ve managed to use this deck to reach rank 5 without too much difficulty, considering that I’m playing just after reset when many people try out new decks. Then, at the beginning of the month (13/02/2017) I reached the top 50 with just over 500 trophies and 5+ wins.

  1. Hog 2.6 Cycle:

As I stated, this deck was born from the need to stop using decks that do not use my favorite cards. So, I decided to try Hog Rider + Freeze, and baby surprise here we go.

Hog 2.6 Cycle
Image: Clash Royale

This deck has good defensive potential with the Ice Golem and freeze spells, along with tanks like Giant and Tombstone. With these, we can apply heavy pressure in one lane, while our opponent attacks in the other or uses spells. When we have an elixir advantage, we push the opposite lane with Hog Rider + Freeze. The defense capabilities of this deck are excellent since it’s quite common to freeze their tower when they try to counter push. This deck also has a slight “rush down” that your opponent will not expect, by pushing with Hog Rider and dealing heavy damage to their tower.

The best of this deck is the route that requires planning since it depends on your starting hand. As I said before, I did not invent this deck but just made some changes in spells and troops to make it work in my own style.

  1. Log Bait:

Log Bait is one of the oldest decks in the game (unofficially), but I like to think that this is my version. I’ve always liked using spell bait decks since they are quite effective against low-level cards and never get old; frankly, there are not many new cards that can stop 2 level 2 Lightning Spells.

Log Bait Best Clash Royale Decks
Image: Clash Royale

Nowadays Log Bait is quite common, but there are some small details that make it work. The Musketeer can win games alone because if your opponent does not have the right spell (Electro Wizard), you will kill her with Zap and make his tower vulnerable to other units.

The Balloon is present for this same reason since it is one of the strongest troops in the game but requires support to be effective. The Goblin Barrel spells are to use both Skeleton Army and Tombstone as well as force your opponent to play his spell so you can counter it with Zap.

  1. EGiant AQ MW Nado:

This deck was born from the need to play Lightning + Minion Horde without any spells, making it a more aggressive version of one of my favorite decks.

You attack with the same strategy you would use AQ + Minions but this is faster and can snowball easier. The Electro Wizard has been added as a third tank that may not seem much, but it is very effective because it kills a lot of troops that may threaten your Giant.

Best Clash Royale Decks
Image: Clash Royale

The Minion Horde, as usual, is the best defensive card in the game and should always be at an 8 elixir cost. In Log Bait you can substitute Electro Wizard for Goblin Gang or Skeleton Army to fit the style of play you prefer more.

  1. RamRider GK EWiz Ghost:

This is another of my favorite decks and has been very effective on the ladder, having reached legend with it. The Giant allows you to kill Skeleton Armies or distract troops that threaten your RamRider released from the back. The Electro Wizard deals with big groups of small troops as well as Lightning disabling lots of towers.

RamRider GK EWiz Ghost
Image: Clash Royale

The Witch is used to gain tower damage when you push with RamRider and also to deal with threats like Giant and Golem. The Ice Spirit is used to control the Elixir Collector and along with the Zap take out Pekka, Royal Ghost, and Mini Pekka alone.

  1. RamRider GK EWiz MW:

This is a versatile version of the previous deck, very effective for medium trophies. The last card I chose was the Mini Pekka and it’s because I think if played right, she can reach up to 30 damage and leave you in good condition to attack with RamRider.

RamRider GK EWiz MW
Image: Clash Royale

The Ice Spirit and Electro Wizard are the only spells in this deck, but it doesn’t need much more because if you play correctly, you can take out an entire group of troops with cards like The Log or Arrows. This deck is very good for beginners or players below 1500 trophies.

  1. RHogs AQ 3.0 Cycle:

In my opinion, this deck has been the best in recent months, and it is very bulky which makes it one of those decks that never get old.

The cards I have changed from the original version are the Knight and The Log, but you can take them if you want. The 3 Musketeers provide a great support system to your Hog Rider and make it one of the deadliest combos in the game.

RHogs AQ 3.0 Cycle
Image: Clash Royale


The Ice Golem is for the defense to stall troops like Minion Horde or Barbarians, but you can take out this card for The Log if you want. The Electro Wizard may seem strange because he does not attack air units nor has a stunning ability, but with a Hog Rider on your side, he is invaluable.

You can use Ram Rider if you want a slower deck that has less power but more control over the game.

  1. X-Bow 3.0 Cycle:

In this deck, the X-Bow is not mandatory but the best way to use it. The Knight and Ice Golem are used as support for the X-Bow. With Spear Goblins you can force your opponent to play against Ice Golem, then you place down Knight near your tower so that when he attacks it with his troops, he is practically feeding your X-Bow.

X-Bow 3.0 Cycle
Image: Clash Royale

The Fireball is for thinning out units that are too fast to the X-Bow, like Barbarians or Minion Horde. You can substitute The Log for Zap if you want the deck faster but the use of these two cards is very different so be careful with its timing or you may end up wasting your Log for something that you could have taken out with Zap.

  1. RHogs RR FM Zappies:[Best Clash Royale Decks]

And finally, here is another deck based on the best push of Clash Royale, the Hog Rider. I chose the Ram Rider (unsuccessfully) because this deck allows you to kill tanks like Mega Knight or Golem plus you can also control Elixir Collectors with your Ice Spirit and Zap.

The Fireball takes out groups of small troops that may trouble your Ram Rider and also helps finish off towers. The Mega Minion is a great tank killer that can take out any tank with 71 damage, plus having the extra speed of 27 makes him versatile and good for defensive plays as well as offensive plays.

RHogs RR FM Zappies
Image: Clash Royale

The Freeze spell makes it possible to counter multiple troops like Skeleton Army or Barbarians, but you can take out this card for The Log if you want.

You can use Ice Spirit to control the Elixir Collector and along with the Zap take out Pekka, Royal Ghost, and Mini Pekka alone.

  1. RHogs GK FM Zappies:[Best Clash Royale Decks]

And now for a surprise, a “Good-Quality” deck, as my friend would call it. You can use the Giant with the Hog Rider along with the Zap spell to deal with swarms of troops and towers. The Fireball is useful for taking out groups of small units like Minion Horde or Barbarians and can help finish off towers.

RHogs GK FM Zappies, Best Clash Royale Decks

Your Miner can be used as a tank killer but also to help you cycle through your deck faster, support the giant on the bridge or even protect the King Tower if necessary. The Ice Spirit is great for rolling on Elixir Collectors and taking out cards like Pekka, Royal Ghost, and Mini Pekka alone. This is also on our list of Best Clash Royale Decks. Get coin master free spins here.

  1. Hog Valk FC 3.1 Cycle:

And for the last deck, I chose to post is a very special one. Sometimes you get stuck with an Elixir Collector that is just taking up space, especially when you are in overtime and have no time to drop your own Elixir Collector. This Hog Valk cycle deck allows you to take advantage of your opponent’s Elixir Collectors when they are down.

Hog Valk FC 3.1 Cycle, Best Clash Royale Decks
Image: Clash Royale

Here you can use the Miner as a tank killer or control Elixir Collectors, but the Valkyrie is great for clearing out small swarms of troops and can take out Pekka, Royal Ghost, Mini Pekka alone. The Ice Spirit is great for rolling on Elixir Collectors and taking out cards like Pekka, Royal Ghost, and Mini Pekka alone and part of our Best Clash Royale Decks.

The Knight is just an amazing card against big cards that cost 6 Elixir or more because he does so much damage in such little time. With the Hog Rider, you can either use him with your Ice Spirit to take out small swarms of troops like Minion Horde or Barbarians.

  1. Pekka Bandit EWiz Bridge Spam: [Best Clash Royale Decks]

My friend suggested I put this deck up too. When you drop the Pekka and the Bandit, your opponent will think that you are going to use them defensively but unexpectedly start spamming troops on one side of the bridge. The Ice Wizard helps with this strategy by taking out small swarms of troops and the Mega Minion takes care of big cards. Your Fireball is used to finish off weaker cards or take out tanks that your opponent may use against you.

Best Clash Royale Decks
Image: Clash Royale

The Archers are a good support unit for the Pekka’s because they don’t do much damage but they are cheap so you can have a lot of them. This technique is also part of our Best Clash Royale Decks for the best Clash Royale game.

Conclusion: –

Here we have explained most of the Best Clash Royale Decks that players are using nowadays. As players got their best results with all these decks so the result may vary according to the situation. You may share your own new decks in the comment sections to improve and update the articles as well.

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