Clash of Clans Private Servers – Top 5 COC Server Downloads

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Clash of Clans is one of the best modern-day most played games. Therefore, People with a multi-dimensional interest in playing action, and fun games have much more interest in COC. And Clash of Clans private servers allow the players to get unlimited resources like gems, gold, and unlock chests and elixir as well.

Many of the newbies don’t even know about free COC private servers. So, here we are discussing some of the famous Clash of Clans private servers with a few unique features. And they can use them for both their Android and iOS devices.

Clash of Clans Private Servers

How Clash of Clans Private Servers Work: –

There is quite an interesting feature that players like to play with, which is finding unlimited access to get free resources in COC. Furthermore, players can build their troops and set their customized events with their own teams. Private servers also allow the players to make unlimited buildings for their use during the events. Playing games with your own rules is more entertaining for the players and that is why they love to play COC with private servers.

Every time an update in the game Clash of Clans, private servers also need an update. Many of the websites are providing fake and unsecured links to these private servers. We are continuously updating the COC servers along with more secured download links. So that people would be able to download Clash of Clash Mod APK without any security threat to their website.

COC Private Servers Detail: –

APK NameClash of Clans Private Servers
APK Size Around 150 MB
APK StatusActive/Working
Last UpdatesToday

Top 5 Best Clash of Clans Private Servers:

When it comes to playing COC with unlimited resources, players will get more entertainment. But COC official servers are offering all paid resources, due to which people sometimes get bored. So, COC private servers are more attractive in this way for the players who can’t afford to buy all these paid resources.

Therefore, they download private servers here, which is a mod version. People love to play this COC Mod APK version which allows them to get free unlimited resources, gems, gold, unlocked chests, and elixir.

Here we are explaining some of the basic features of Top 5 Clash of Clans private servers, so you can easily differentiate and recommend using them as per your own device.

Clash of Clans Private Servers List: –

There are five most famous COC private servers as per their usage. Here is the list.

  1. Clash of Magic
  2. Clash of Soul
  3. Clash of Lights
  4. Clash of Dreams
  5. Clash Heroes

Clash of Magic: –

Clash of Magic is on the top of the list when it comes to COC’s private server. It widely consists of four servers that players can choose to download while the process. Clash of Magic started with four servers back in 2015 which provides both mod and non-mod versions of Clash and Clans. Different versions work for Android devices and on iOS as well. Here are these subordinate servers.

  • Black Magic Server – S1
  • Power of Magic Server – S2
  • Hall of Magic Server – S3
  • Hall of Magic Server – S4

We shall explain each of these servers in detail in another article, but there are some standard features of these Clash of Magic Server.

Clash of Magic Mod Features: –

  1. Unlimited Resources (Gems, Gold, Elixir)
  2. Stable and Fast Server
  3. Free and Easy Resource Unlock
  4. Custom Builder
  5. Mod Troops and Buildings
  6. Mod Events
  7. Latest Mod Versions

Clash of Soul: –

COS server is also in our top 5 list of COC servers. There are several reasons behind this. Firstly, its updated version is the same as the COC official server version and gives the same experience level so entertainment. Secondly, it also gives unlimited resources with the same basic features as the original game. Thirdly, there are more active players throughout the day which makes this COC server more competitive for all the players and teams. Here are some basic features of the Clash of Soul private server. Check Master Royale Infinity‘s latest article with the latest APK links.

Clash of Soul Mod Features: –

  1. Unlimited Resources (Gems, Gold, Free Unlocking, Elixir)
  2. Custom Resource Builder (Finder)
  3. Town Hall
  4. Mod Commands
  5. Clan War
  6. Base Attack

Clash of Lights: –

COL private server is in the third position in our list of COC private servers in all respect. It is a faster and more stable server setup containing four servers in total. Due to more active users on the server, it is more competitive and entertaining as well. Furthermore, Clash of Lights servers APK is compatible with all types of android devices. It is offering free to use unlimited resources like Gems, Gold, and elixir.

Clash of Clans official servers are only offering limited free resources due to which newbies to COC can’t enjoy it fully when they are not able to pay for it. So, here comes the private servers developed by third-party companies who are offering these mod servers APK’s. These are developed just for the sake of more fun for the newbies of this gaming industry. Download all the latest Clash Royale Private servers list here.

There are majorly four types of servers available in Clash of Lights.

  1. COL Server 1
  2. COL Server 2
  3. COL Server 3
  4. COL Server 4

Clash of Lights Mod Features: –

  1. Free in-game resources
  2. Faster & Stable Servers
  3. Custom Mods
  4. Unlocked Chest and Other items
  5. Build Custom Resources (Buildings, Weapons)
  6. Better Compatibility
  7. Custom Builder

Clash of Dreams: –

Here is Clash of Dreams private server at number four in the list. This is also the most frequently updated private server. Furthermore, due to regular updates, it is a more secure server as well. COD private server is also in working for the last four years and is the more stable private server in the market. Along with this, it is providing unlimited resources. So, all regular changes in this server are available as per the COC original server.

Clash of Dreams Mod Features: –

There are all basic features available in the list of Clash of Dreams. So, it is on the list of most entertaining COC private servers.

  1. Unlimited Gems, Gold, and Elixir
  2. Custom Commands Setting
  3. Fast Unlocked items
  4. Town Hall
  5. Builder Hall
  6. Custom Base Attack
  7. Mod Resource Builder
  8. Frequent Updates
  9. Match Finder

Clash of Heroes: –

Clash of heroes is also on the list of top 5 COC private servers. Here are some basic features of the Clash of Heroes private servers. One of which is free unlimited resources to all the players. So, check the basic features of Clash of Heroes.

Clash of Heroes Mod Features: –

  1. Unlimited Resources
  2. Top match finder
  3. Custom Events Builder
  4. Mod Commands
  5. Mod Team Selection
  6. Regular Updates
  7. Custom Base Attack

Conclusion: –

The top 5 Clash of Clans private servers are briefly explained here as per the features they offer. Furthermore, players can download COC Mod APK files through these secured buttons available with each of the servers. We always provide the latest version of these private versions. So, you can update your existing server here.

These “COC private servers” information is available just for the sake of providing information to all COC players. Further, we have no affiliation with these private servers.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

Here are some questions which we have discussed in respect of COC private servers.

  1. Are Clash of Clans private servers allowed for users?

Clash of Clans is a game with all paid resources; therefore, players try to use private mod servers for unlimited resources. But there are websites that are providing fake and expired download links. Most of these links are unsafe for devices. So, it is necessary to use authentic websites with private server download links.

  1. Does Supercell allow players to use Clash of Clans private servers?

Supercell developed Clash of Clans with its official servers. And it does not allow the players to use any mod version, or any private server links because there are some websites providing expired download links. Therefore, players can use these private servers after rooting/jailbreaking the device.

  1. How can we copy the Clash of Clans private servers base?

Firstly, go to the concerned layout which you want to copy. Then, open the copy layout editor and choose the slot and copy. Finally, go back to the base and paste that.

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