Clash Royale Private Servers Download 2022 – Latest Versions

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Clash Royale private servers are unofficial servers that third-party companies developed which players can use to get unlimited resources. The original Clash Royale game was developed by Supercell after another famous game Clash of Clans. But there was a resource constraint on the game’s official servers. So here players’ entertainment was limited to paid resources only. They have to consider using each resource as they have to every time.

Clash Royale Private Servers

Clash Royale private servers created the opportunity to use clash royale unlimited resources without paying for it. All the private servers developed by a third party are safe to use if you update them with the latest available versions. We always try to update all available clash royale private servers’ APK so that players can easily download them without any security issues.

There are some quick tips that players can use to get free unlimited resources from downloading private servers here. There are private server links available on some websites which are not updated timely due to which these links are not secure. Basically, the need behind developing these private servers is to create a balance of resources among all players.

Basic Features of Clash Royale Private Servers: –

Player has to understand what the basic features are, they will get in Clash Royale private servers so that they can timely use their resources to play and win wisely. Some of the famous private servers are Master Royale, Null Royale, Plenix Royale, and Retro Royale. There are some unique features that each server is offering to its players. But here are some basic features

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Stable Servers
  • Regular updates
  • 100% Mod Uptime
  • Royale News Notifications
  • Donate & Receive Troops
  • Better Comparative available decks
  • Challenging Events and competitions
  • Replicate from rival’s strategies

Device Requirements: –

The device requirements for downloading Clash Royale private servers are given below as all devices are not able to run all these private servers. Therefore, first, check these basic device requirements to download these private servers without any interruption.

  • Wi-Fi enable device
  • 100 MB Device space
  • Manual APK installation
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Strong battery power to restart several times
  • Works perfectly well on non-Rooted devices
  • Faster devices to download

How to download Clash Royale’s private server?

Here are some easy steps to follow to download private servers. Follow these guidelines to download.

1st Step: – You will get the notifications so turn on your notifications on the device.

2nd Step: – Go to the link given below of the private server which you want to download.

3rd Step: – The links given below are secure to download so enable the downloading from unknown sources in the device setting.

4th Step: – Download and install server APK from the link given below and enjoy playing Clash Royale with unlimited resources.

How to download Clash Royale private server on iOS?

Private servers work perfectly fine on android devices, there are some limited options to download these servers on iOS devices. Most of the websites claim that their download links work for all types of devices which is right. As the criteria and settings of both devices are different. So, keep in mind that, these links are fake, and don’t use them. A few extra applications will enable your device to work in parallel to run private servers. Here are some of the options through which to download private servers for iOS devices.

  • Install an application “Cydia”.
  • Open the app and tap the edit source button.
  • Check for “add source”.
  • Search the XModGames application and install it.
  • Download the Clash Royale APK.
  • Start playing the game and enjoy.

Clash Royale Private Server List: –

There are more than 10 private servers available online to download but here we are describing 4 of them which are more popular and secure to use.

  1. Nulls Royale Private Server: –

Nulls Royale is one of the top 3 famous private servers which offers unlimited resources and options for creating new customized decks for competitors. Players can get unlimited free gems and gold for purchasing their required resources. There are various extra features in Nulls Royale private server.

  • Card Unlocked: –

The official Clash Royale game offers a rare set of cards unlocking which is necessary to attain the next game level. It all depends on players’ luck to get a chance to unlock the card. But in private servers like Nulls Royale players are more excited to play the game as they can unlock all the cards while playing.

  • Maximum number of Cards: –

Nulls Royale’s private server has made this easy to collect a higher number of cards with each next level. Each higher level of Clash Royale requires a higher number of cards which is easy to collect in Nulls Royale’s private server.

  • Clans and Clan Wars: –

Players can create their decks according to the clans they form during the game. Players can compete and set their own clan wars. They can learn and replicate their competitor’s decks.

  • PvP and PvE: –

Players can compete in different types of wars. One is player to players in which players compete against their competitors(players). And another is playing with the environment in which players compete against the AI environment in which they compete against the monsters.

  • Decks: –

Players can save their favorite decks to repeat them at some other competition. They can set their commands too as per the competitor’s requirements.

Nulls Royale APK
  1. Master Royale Private Server: –

When you will join Clash Royale with the Master Royale infinity private server your journey will be incredibly full of adventure and resources. It is a unique thing when you experience all the features with free unlimited resources. You will get the amazing experience of competition and challenges while using unlimited resources. Here are some of the unique resources.

  • All Unlocked Cards: –

Master Royale provides a chance in one step that you can unlock all your cards so that you can avail and unlock all your cards every time when you achieve the level.

  • Unlimited Gold: –

When the player downloads the Master Royale’s private server, at the start of the game player gets one million free Gold. Furthermore, it is a unique thing to experience all features of the game.

  • Unlimited Gems: –

At the start of the game player also gets free one million gems to use. They can consume them to open chests and upgrade their abilities and skills.

  • More Entertainment: –

Master Royale provides an opportunity to make new friends while competing in battles with enemies. With unlimited resources, Master Royale is more entertaining than any other private server.

  • Other Features of Master Royale: –

  • Faster Updates
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Stable Server
  • Multiplayer Competitions
  • All level Customized Cards
  • Safe and Secure APK
  • Easy to Download
Master Royale Infinity APK
  1. Retro Royale Private Server: –

The third more interesting and amazing private server which is used for Clash Royale is called Retro Royale. This is a more customized version of the original game Clash Royale so that players can get unlimited resources and playing the game would be more entertaining for them.

  • Extra Game Features: –

All of you know that the purpose of creating these private servers is to provide constraint-free gaming to create more fun for players. Furthermore, here are some extra features added to the Retro royale private server.

  • Scheduled Monthly Events
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Custom Mods
  • All Cards and Chests Unlocked
  • Stable and Secure Server
  • New Clan Wars
  • 2v2 & 1v1 battles
  • Customized battles
Retro Royale APK
  1. Plenix Royale Private Server: –

Plenix Royale is the fourth most popular third-party private server. Phoenix also offers unlimited gems and gold and a lot of other unique battle features. Here are some basic features given below.

  • Device Compatibility: –

Unlike the other three servers, Plenix Royale is offering a unique kind of private server so the players can download it without any further device requirements. So, players can download it for Android, iOS, and PC.

  • Data Storage: –

Plenix Royale’s private server is offering high data storage so players can save their clans, decks, and all the moves which they want to save.

  • Custom Cards and Mods: –

Plenix is offering custom-made cards, battles, and heroes with special abilities to play the game and decks against their competitors in the battles.

  • 24/7 Server Time Online: –

This private server is always on an online mod so players can access the server to download and play the games whenever they have time and want to play without any interruption.

  • Easy to Download and Use: –

Plenix Royale does not need any extra resources and applications or APK to download so it’s very simple and easy for new players to download and play the game for all devices like PC, Android, and iOS.

  • Stable and Secure Server: –

This is amazingly secure and stable to use from anywhere. It’s on auto-update mod all the time and gets updated whenever the devices or online. So, server APK is secure to use on any device.

  • PvP: –

Here players can also play the same battles and competition as the Clash Royale original game.

  • Events and Competitions: –

Players can play, participate, and create the events and competitions as per their teams. So, playing Clash Royale with all custom mods is more entertaining and fun for the players.

Plenix Royale APK

Conclusion: –

Finally, anyone can download Clash Royale private servers from the links given above. Because these are more secure and updated versions of all these mod APKs of these private servers. But you must know that these all are third-party private servers and are not officially approved by SuperCell. Moreover, the information shared here is to let the players know some of the facts if these private servers.

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Frequently Asked Questions: –

Q:  How can we hack Clash Royale private servers in 2022?

There is no need to hack any of the private servers available here or anywhere else online. Therefore, all private servers are already modified as per the player’s need. So, players can customize their game to get unlimited resources and gems in the customized battles.

Q: Is there any specific requirement to download a private server?

No, most of the servers don’t need any other application to save before downloading a private server APK. Therefore, players can install the APK by enabling other sources in the device setting.

Q: How to install Clash Royale private server for PC?

There is no way to download and install CR private servers on a PC. So, you will need an android emulator on PC to an APK for these private servers. After that, the rest of the procedure of installation of mod APK is the same as other mobile devices.

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