8 Easy Methods to earn Free VC in NBA 2K22

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VC stands for virtual currency which players can earn through playing various modes of NBA 2K. The player can use this VC to purchase shoes, outfits, etc. during the game. Here we are presenting 8 easy methods to earn free VC in NBA 2K22. Through these processes, you can get VC to use in NBA 2K. Here is the detailed list is given below.

Earn free VC in NBA 2K22

Easy Methods to earn free VC in NBA 2K22:-

  • NBA 2K TV Quiz: –

There is a weekly Quiz show in NBA 2K. In this show there are various prizes participants can win including virtual currency by giving correct answers. You can set reminders to answer all the Friday Quiz questions. Here we update all weekly 2KTV episode answers.

  • Compete in Trivia (Neighborhood): –

Players can earn a lot while playing and competing in the Trivia neighborhood. You will get access to win free VC just by selecting the Trivia icon.

  • Earn Free VC in NBA 2K22 via Daily Spin Wheel: –

As a regular player, you can avail yourself of this chance of getting free VC via spinning the daily wheel. Further, you can also win free VC by predicting your team in NBA.

You can check NBA 2K22 Locker Codes to earn rewards for NBA 2K22.

  • Daily Free Rewards in NBA 2K22: –

As a regular player of NBA 2K22, you can earn maximum VC and daily free rewards while the game. There is a long list of free prizes for the regular players, while sometimes they can also give free VC.

  • NBA 2K Application: –

Here is one of my personal favorite methods through which you can earn free VC. In this method, players can download the application to earn free VC. The more you log in to your account daily more chances you will get daily free VC. Further, there are some other in-built games that you can play and earn free VC and other rewards.

  • Win VC in Daily Pick’em: –

This is another great method by which you can earn free VC in the neighborhood. There are quizzes in the daily Pick’em, and you can earn free VC more and more by giving the right answers.

If you are a passionate basketball player and have updated knowledge about real players, this is an easy method you can earn for free.

  • MyCareer GamePlay: –

In NBA 2K22, MyCareer games are one of the fast ways to earn VC. If you are playing MyCareer games regularly then you can get a monthly salary, rewards, bonuses, and sponsorship as well.

One of the major tricks to earn VC is to play the game regularly and participate in events and quizzes.

  • Buy VC: –

This is the paid method if you are interested to play and want to use VC then you can buy while consuming the real cash. This is also a fast method to earn VC (PAID).

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